Project :- 1. Mechanical ! 2. Electronics ! 3. Electrical ! 4. Computer !

1. Mechanical Projects

STP-01 Gear shift over drive (manual)(3.5K)
STP-02 Highway based energy conservation system(3.5K)
STP-03 Robotic arm(4K)
STP-04 Escalator(4K)
STP-05 Front wheel steering system(manual)(4.5K)
STP-06 Solar car(4.5K)
STP-07 Movable robotic arm(4.5K)
STP-08 Manual punching machine(5K)
STP-09 Manual hydraulic punching machine(5.5K)
STP-10 Motorize pump(5.5K)
STP-11 Four wheel steering system(manual)(5.5K)
STP-12 Front wheel steering system with head light control(manual)(5.5K)
STP-13 Crane(magnetic)(5.5K)
STP-14 Industrial product sensing and transfer system(5.5K)
STP-15 Hydraulic braking system(5.5K)
STP-16 Magnetic braking system(5.5K)
STP-17 Motorize jack(6K)
STP-18 Hydraulic car jack(6K)
STP-19 Pneumatic car jack(6K)
STP-20 Kinds of turbine(6K)
STP-21 Multi level car parking(6K)
STP-22 Rotating bottle filling system(6K)
STP-23 Automatic drill machine(AC)(6K)
STP-24 C.V.T(6K)
STP-25 Fuel level indicator(6K)
STP-26 Ellipse mapping tool(6.5K)
STP-27 Antilock braking system(6.5K)
STP-28 Two cane estrelling engine(6.5K)
STP-29 Magnetic clutch(6.5K)
STP-30 Air engine(6.5K)
STP-31 Mobile car jack(7K)
STP-32 Hybrid car(7K)
STP-33 XY crane(7K)
STP-34 Regnative braking system(7K)
STP-35 Anti-slope braking system(7K)
STP-36 Kinematic energy(7K)
STP-37 Fork lift truck(7K)
STP-38 Thermal power plant(7.5K)
STP-39 Front wheel steering system(motorise wire control)(7.5K)
STP-40 Crane(regnative)(7.5K)
STP-41 Drum brake (hydraulic)(7.5K)
STP-42 Hydraulic clutch(7.5K)
STP-43 Air pressure jack(7.5K)
STP-44 Single piston air engine(8K)
STP-45 Lift safety with speed governor(8K)
STP-46 6-leg walker(8K)
STP-47 Foot step based energy conservation(8K)
STP-48 Regnative socker(8K)
STP-49 Motor boat(with remote)(8K)
STP-50 Vegetable cutting machine(8K)
STP-51 Leth machine(8K)
STP-52 90 degree motion car(8.5K)
STP-53 Metal sheet cutting(8.5K)
STP-54 Cycle water pump(8.5K)
STP-55 Pneumatic door close & open(8.5K)
STP-56 Four wheel steering system(motorise motor control)(8.5K)
STP-57 Front wheel steering system with head light control(motorise wire control)(8.5K)
STP-58 Crane(hydraulic)(8.5K)
STP-59 Hydraulic jack(8.5K)
STP-60 Automatic bike stand(9K)
STP-61 Pento graph(9K)
STP-62 Omni wheel car(10K)
STP-63 Water glider(10K)
STP-64 8-leg walker(10K)
STP-65 Compressor less refrigerator(10K)
STP-66 Front wheel steering system with head light control(hydraulic)(10K)
STP-67 XYZ crane(10K)
STP-68 Estrelling engine(10K)
STP-69 Solenoid engine(10K)
STP-70 Pipe inflation robot(12K)
STP-71 Air piston engine(12K)
STP-72 Bicycle powered washing machine(12K)
STP-73 Metallic robotic arm(15K)
STP-74 A.B.S braking system(15K)
STP-75 Solenoid car(15K)
STP-76 Kinematic project(15K)
STP-77 Air piston car(18K)
STP-78 Automatic gear shift (micro control)(20K)
STP-79 Regnative braking system (hydraulic)(30K)

Many more projects...............................

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2. ECE/EI/EN/EE Projects

STP - 81 Avator Robot(20K)
STP - 82 GPS based vehicle tracking on google map with gsm based fuel locking(11K)
STP - 83 GPS and GSM based real time vehicle tracking on Google Earth(11K)
STP - 88 Flying copter(10K)
STP - 89 GPS based station name announcement and display system for trains/buses(8K)
STP - 90 PIR + GSM based home security system(8K)
STP - 91 GSM + GPS based school kids tracking system(8K)
STP - 92 Android mobile phone controlled robot(8K)
STP - 93 Smoke and LPG Gas detection robot with wireless control(8K)
STP - 94 PIC and matlab based candle searching and controlling robot(8K)
STP - 95 Bluetooth enabled home automation(7K)
STP - 96 head motion based wheel chair(7K)
STP - 97 hovercraft with speed controller(7K)
STP - 98 Gesture controlled robot for total border security with gun and camera(7K)
STP - 99 Wireless smart tanker robot(with weapon automation)(7K)
STP - 100 gesture controlled wheel chair(6.5K)
STP - 101 Hand/head talk for disable(6.5K)
STP - 102 LPG gas leakage protection system with auto dialups(6.5K)
STP - 103 Advanced turbine/tubewell control and protection for villages(6K)
STP - 104 Wrist control mouse movement(6K)
STP - 105 Wrist control robot(6K)
STP - 106 Fuzzy based ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system(6K)
STP - 107 Automatic multi level car parking(6K)
STP - 108 Wireless disaster warning system(6K)
STP - 109 GSM based pre-paid energy meter with low balance alert(6K)
STP - 110 GSM based home appliances control(6K)
STP - 111 GSM based voting machine(6K)
STP - 112 GSM based DC motor control(6K)
STP - 113 GSM based home security system(6K)
STP - 114 GSM controlled wireless robot(6K)
STP - 115 GSM controlled vehicle ignition system for safety(6K)
STP - 116 GSM based generator start/stop system(6K)
STP - 117 GSM based notice board for college/institute(6K)
STP - 118 Live Human detection and alerting Robot.(6K)
STP - 119 Obstacle detection robot with ultrasonic sensor(6K)
STP - 120 PIC & matlab based three colour sensing robot(6K)
STP - 121 Advanced solar tracker(5.5K)
STP - 122 Heart beat monitoring system(5.5K)
STP - 123 Smart house(self adjusting window,in/out timer, auto light,fire )(5.5K)
STP - 124 Touch screen based device control(5.5K)
STP - 125 Metro train prototype(5.5K)
STP - 127 Mobile detector in examination hall(5K)
STP - 128 COIN BASED SOLAR POWERED B.P. measuring machine(5K)
STP - 129 Wireless lab weather control system(humidity, soil water, temp, light)(5K)
STP - 130 Car security system with theft detection and auto fuel locking(5K)
STP - 131 Re-chargeable card controlled car parking system(5K)
STP - 132 RFID based automatic challan system(5K)
STP - 133 RFID based library management system(5K)
STP - 134 RFID based local vehicle tracking(5K)
STP - 135 RFID based automatic toll tax deduction system(5K)
STP - 136 RFID based prepaid energy meter with recharge option(5K)
STP - 137 RFID based ration card(5K)
STP - 138 RFID based parts tracking system for manufacturing(5K)
STP - 139 RFID based automatic car parking system(5K)
STP - 140 Bomb displacing robot with wireless video camera controlled form PC/Laptop(5K)
STP - 141 Matlab based real time temperature indication on screen(5K)
STP - 142 Matlab based home automation using RF(5K)
STP - 143 Matlab based RF controlled robot(5K)
STP - 144 PIC & matlab based red colour tracking robot(5K)
STP - 145 Matlab based RF controlled robot with wireless camera, auto light and obstacle sensor(5K)
STP - 146 PIC based high precision protective relay with real time display(4.5K)
STP - 147 Adaptive traffic light control with special vehicle passage(4.5K)
STP - 148 Bank security system with auto dialups(4.5K)
STP - 149 PIR based energy conservation system(4.5K)
STP - 150 Remote motor speed control using phone with LCD(4.5K)
STP - 151 Secure device switching using phone(4K)
STP - 152 PIC rf controlled electrical equipment(4K)
STP - 153 PC Controlled wired/wireless Robot(4K)
STP - 154 Wall follower robot with artificial eyes(4K)
STP - 155 PC based wireless bi-directional control of DC motor(4K)
STP - 156 PC based home automation system(4K)
STP - 157 Matlab based face recognition system using neural network(4K)
STP - 158 Matlab based Bi-directional speed control of DC motor(4K)
STP - 159 TV remote controlled electrical equipment(3.5K)
STP - 160 Speed control of motor with temperature(3K)
STP - 161 PIC and Adc based level & temp. display and control(3K)
STP - 162 PIC based in/out counter with energy saver(3K)
STP - 163 Automatic control of unmanned railway gate(3K)
STP - 164 Temp. based ceiling fan with high temp. protection(3K)
STP - 165 PIC based temp/brightness reader on LCD(3K)
STP - 166 Microcontroller based fire protection system using LDR(3K)
STP - 167 PIC based light dimmer using PWM(3K)
STP - 168 DTMF based mobile phone controlled robot(3K)

3. CS Projects

1 Technology:- Python, Open CV, Dlib(25K)
Monitor Driver face by camera with EAR techniques and Make Alarm Sound if driver get Drowsiness or sleep
2 Toll Tax System:
Technology:- Python, ML, JSP, MYSQL, Bootstrap, ARDUINO, OPEN CV, Servo
Recognise Vehicle by reading number-plates of the vehicle and process with centralized database. Prepaid account and advance payment options, Login and sign up for users.
3 Restaurant Ordering System(Android Applications)
Technology:- Android, QR Code, PHP, Bootstrap
Automate Restaurant Ordering and Billing System , Use QR Code To Ensure prevent Fake Orders from outside and Table No Error
One Android application for User
One Android Application For Chef
Web Base Interface for Admin.
4 Android Helper
Technology:- Android (Two applications)
Work like a assistant application for remote access even internet is not available.
Can access Contact, Lock device, Disable Silent Mode, and get Device Location
Over SMS
Application for main Device
One for remote device
5 Object Detection for blind person
Technology:- Python, Machine Learning
Work like a assistant for Blinds and speak detected object from the camera.
6 Health Monitoring IOT
Monitor Patient status over WiFi.
5000 approx(very on components price)
7 GSM based GAS Leakage prevention system
Technology:- Arduino, Servo Motor, GSM, GAS Sensor
Trun off Regulator By sms or Send notification on leakage detection.
8 Air Quality Monitoring
Technology:- IOT, Wifi , arduino, GAS sensors, PHP, MYSQL, Apache Server, Bootstrap
Upload Real-time data to server and have multiple device configuration facility in web interface to support multiple device.
Admin View Data in Table format and can register or delete device from centralized database.
9 Raspberrypi Door bell
Technology:- Raspberrypi , Camera, Python
Send Person Image by gmail to the user can monitor who visited the house.
10 Smart Door Lock
Technology:-Python, OPEN-CV, Camera, Arduino, Servo Motor
Unlock door for on face recognition
11 Face Recognition Attendance System with RF-ID
Technology:-Python, OPEN-CV, Camera, Arduino, RFID, MYSQL,PHP, BootStrap
12 IOT Battery Charger Control Andorid
Technology:-Android , WI-FI, Arduino , RFID, MYSQL,PHP, BootStrap
Android application to monitor charging status of device.
Arduino Wifi and relay hardware to control charger and LCD Display to Show Status.
Login and multiple device Registration option.
Can set minimum and maximum charge through android app remotely
13 ERP Management with RF-id cards
Technology:-Arduino ,Python, PHP, MYSQL , BootStrap, Apache Server
Ensure Security By RF-ID and password verification and logging Entry and Exit Locations Main Gate, Hostel and Library, with Time & Date.
14 Traffic Light Management with M.L
Technology:- Python, OPEN-CV, Arduino
Manage Traffic lights timing based on traffic density real-time using live video footage from camera.
15 Plant Leaf Dieses Detection with M.L(Machine Learning)
Technology:- Python, OPEN-CV, Tensor-Flow, Anaconda
Can identify the Healthy and Un-Healthy Leaf of plant
16 Voice Based Email M.L(Machine Learning)
Technology:- Python
17 Dust bin and Washroom Locator (Android application )
Technology:- Android, PHP, Bootstrap, MYSQL Server
Provide nearest (Dust bin and Washroom ) Location to user

Many more projects...............................

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